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"The bass, the rock, the mic, the treble- I LIKE MY COFFEE BLACK JUST LIKE MY METAL!"

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Apr. 14th, 2010 | 08:09 pm
location: Pink glittery straitjacket :3
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Stone Sour, Mindless Self Induglence, The Offspring

^ "Shut Me Up" Mindless Self Indulgence.

*Crazy dancing and bopping*

Today has been sooooo much better than recently!

I ran a teensy bit late in getting ready to go and see Beaky, but thank the lord for trains, which are so much faster than stupid smelly buses :P I just managed to get on the 11:45 train and arrived at Portsmouth pretty much on 12, which was roughly when we were hoping to meet. I almost missed it because, despite the fact the queue ahead of me went down very quickly, the woman in front of me was asking lots of question about her ticket and the length of her journey, and I was horrified that she was still paying when my train rolled into the station!!! EEEK! I was just so relieved that I managed to get on in time that i forgot to put on my bracelets which I had just bundled into my bag to save time XD

I got off and met up with Becky and we walked up to Yates to have lunch. Bargain lunch- we were going for meal deals and 2-for-1 desserts and for the both of us, drinks including, it was less than £14! We had a good old natter and catch up and enjoyed our foods :3

We browsed in shops for a bit, especially in the fragrance department of Debenhams, where I managed to find the perfect birthday present for mum- one of her favourite perfumes, Georgio Beverly Hills, 90 ml, on sale, £19.95! I texted dad to make sure, but I was pretty certain i was onto a winner, and later dad told me that was a great bargain! It was and all, it was about half price, and also mum's 50ml bottle is getting a bit empty! Ok her birthday isn't for over a month, but I wanted to get it out the way, being as I'm also trying to sort out this photo thing too. We wandered about just smelling all the testers (including new summery versions of the Harajuku Lovers) and passing judgement on them :3 So yes, harmless fun.

We browsed about the shops for a bit, and walked down the street chatting when Becky noticed that we had been targeted by one of the dreaded surveyors! Drat! We were trying to edge away and he wasn't having none of it, and I was just thinking to myself "what crazy thing shall I do this time" when...oh god...I still kinda can't believe I did it...

I ran away screaming XD

I flung out my arms, screamed, sending off a pigeon fearfully, and got a few paces before breaking down in a massive fit of giggles. I simply couldn't breathe for a few moments XD I have no idea where this craziness has come from, it simply started with frustration one day a few years ago when I did the whole "I'm not listening la la la!" reaction simply because I wa so sick of having to look like a snobby monsters, having to rather bluntly turn them- its so hard to turn them down when they want you, and you end up having to be rude, and if you're a mug enough to get roped into their lectures (which has happened to me a lot) then they often treat you rudely for declining/refusing to donate to whatever cause. I'd rather think they thought I was a loon than rude, but to according to Becky, he seemed slightly bemused and just responded with "fair enough...". I don't seem to do the same thing twice, and I never actually plan out what I'm going to do next (with the exception of the Hellsing one, and was difficult to execute...) because its so random, I literally just DO it without really thinking...sometimes I have a moment where I think to myself "wouldn't it be funny if..." and suddenly I'm doing it (hence why the Hellsing one was hard, because I had to specifically think about that one).

I think at the back of my mind, I was remembering how Harry said he'd love to just start screaming insanely if one of them caught him, and I did a fake scream that end in a completely maniacal laugh and he said that my scream was loads better than what he had planned and that I ought to do it. I'm just glad I didn't do the "Joker" laugh because I think that would have been a tad much. I'm starting to think I'm going overboard, so I'll stick to the Hellsing line from now on XD Could be rather amusing as I often wear my long coat and dark glasses now :3

Anyway, after a bit, we went to Next. I've been seeing lots of things at the Next in Havant that have made me think "would Becky wear that?" and I so I was pushing her to try some stuff on, because sometimes I think she doesn't have the confidence to wear things she would like to (you know its true Beaky!). I allowed her to pick things for me being as I was being so bossy :P This I almost regret being as it meant I had to try on not only pretty flowery tops (kinda not me) but also the most ATROCIOUS pair of pale blue skinny jeans that looked like they'd been splashed with silver paint! XD They were so horrendous, but it was really fun trying on stuff. Becky found some stuff actually looked better than she would have thought, and I got to see how I'd look in pink and blue flowers XD I guess its more fun because we're not under pressure to buy anything or find anything, so even though the size 12 skinny jeans simply wouldn't do up even though they should have, for me at least, it wasn't a case of "Oh I look fat" because on one hand we were deliberately picking things we would never wear, and on the other, just trying things that were completely different! I thought it was fun (I hope you did too Beaky!) and it was a laugh. And also I very bossily made Beaky try on some kick flare jeans- we knew they wouldn't do up because they didn't have her size, but I'm convinced that flared jeans are a GODsend to us ladies with bodacious hips, because the flare balances out the hips and I thought it would be flattering. I think next time we do this, we should invite Zak along because he's our Gok Wan! (It's all about the confidence! :P)

Afterwards we went to Whetherspoons for a lil drink and yet more chat. It was really nice, I don't get to talk like this at work, or with Kyle (I think his lil head would simply explode!) and so I really enjoyed the talk, from talking about serious issues like the upcoming election (with which we do have conflicting opinions so we seemed to leave that after a bit) or disagreeing with our parents views (we both feel our fathers are rather bigoted, as much as we love them) to silly things like our plans to make our own photographic production like The Story of the Cupacke, which will also star Hippo, Beaky's beloved hippo, and may well involve goth/girly makeovers XD

Best quote of the day is this:

Me: "I love trains now!"
Becky: "You're so annoying!" XD

(Because of how reluctant I've been in the past to do train trips, but there's plans for a Southampton trip now, and also we're probably going to come up with plans for a Brighton trip too! YAY!).

We parted ways at the train station, and I had about a 20 minute wait for my next train, which was a little nerve wracking. It was the longest I've spent on a platform, and I was starting to feel a little edgy and uncomfortable, so I sat on a bench (next to a friendly little staffy who apparently loves trains, so apparently I must endeavour to be like a dog! XD) and tried to ignore the people walking up and down on the white strip next to the edge >.< The fresh air was helpful, and whenever I felt tense, I distracted myself by looking at the clock on the top of the station. Its daft, but when I see that clock, or when I'm in the station in Havant, I end up thinking about Station Heights in Twilight Town, from Kindgom Hearts II. They actually sit beneath the clock on the tower above the station to eat ice cream, so it makes me think of that- Kingdom Hearts has such a good dose of sugar that it always makes me feel good, and the little homely feel of the Havant station also makes me think of it, so I don't feel too bad there. Portsmouth and Southsea is, unfortunately, filled with rumbly noises and screeches that set my nerves on edge.

Apparently, I still get nervous, which I think is very reasonable, given how scared I used to be, but once I'm on the train and destination-bound, I'm a very happy bunny, so I really do feel that the major had been conquered and I do feel proud. I'll be honest; I went through a time when I honestly didn't think I'd ever get round to sorting myself out about it. I would make excuses for not going on a train, and even though I did think it would be a good idea to try it someday, I really didn't feel ready. But I think committing myself to something like the EA gig meant I HAD to get used to the idea; to be honest, I think I was ready. Now I've done it, I feel like so many doors have opened for me; I can go anywhere I like, I can save money by training into Pompey instead of bussing, I can go to London, to Brighton, heck maybe one day to Whitby for WGW. I can travel and see new places and I can do it by myself and be free. I can now travel further for work. But also, I think the boost to my confidence has helped. I have felt somehow more confident over the last month in even little ways. I guess its the mentality of "oh, you're a little wary of doing this thing? Well guess what, you went to London on a TRAIN despite having a phobia of them..." So yeah! I'm very chuffed. And I will shut up about the trains now, because I'm sure everyone is bored of it and doesn't think it is a big deal XD But it is, and I'm pleased, so there :P

I got home literally just in time to help my folks bring in the shopping, and now I'm internetting :3 Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow, but I guess I'll see when tomorrow comes :)

So bai for now, my freaky darlins

Train Clock Bunny of the Crazy Pigeon Screams

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