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Yesterday was ma birthday woo!

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May. 2nd, 2010 | 03:34 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Emilie Autumn and Bullet For My Valentine

And it turned out much better than expected!

Last night, after my whiny emo post, I called Harry and he had his folks sing happy birthday at me down the phone, which cheered me up and amused me in equal measures, and then when I was watching Family Guy, dad and Zak came in and said that they would be happy to meet up in the Robin Hood and have a couple of drinks with me :) Mum knew she would be too tired to go, and she said that she needs to go underwear shopping next weekend, and that she'd take me along so we can have a nice girly day, because we don't get the chance to do much together nowadays. It cheered me up quite a bit. I wasn't mad at my folks at all, just the other people who'd kinda blown me off (and even then, I admit I was making a bigger deal of it than I should have).

But yesterday ended up being rather good! :) I dressed in my Victorian Lolita style (including PVC corset- its my birthday, I can wear what I like! >:P), Dad gave me a lift to the train station and I went up to meet with Beaky (technically, neither of us were late, originally we said 11:30, but then said it probably means 12 :P). As I was coming in on the train, I got a text from Beaky saying she might be a little slow as she was getting me a surprise. And surprised I was to see her coming along with a pink helium balloon saying Birthday Girl! It made me so happy n_______n THANK YOU BEAKY!

We browsed in shops and had a lunch at Wetherspoons, where we also had cake (must have cake on your birthday :3) and it was really nice. We had a catch up and a chat and just had a nice time, looking around the shops. Becky bought John Barrowman tickets for her and her mum, and a Studio Ghibli movie about pandas, whereas I waited until the end to buy myself anything (even though it was my birthday and I was 'sposed to be treating myself, I was still being good, darn!). We also played the Next Game again, and I ended up finding a top sort of by accident that I might actually buy (when me and mum go shopping next week anyways). It was a good fun day all round, and after Becky had to go, I decided on what I was going to buy. A quick to call to Harry, and he gave me permission to buy Preludes and Nocturnes (the only Sandman book I hadn't actually read, Harry had ordered it for me, but it kept getting put on back order so he's going to remove it) and Bullet for My Valentine's new album (because I heard them on the radio at work the other day and it seemed good :) ). The weather was really funny all day, but I got a little bit of time when I needed my parasol up when I was waiting for my train, and it amused one of the conductors. Oh! Yeah, I got a lot of funny looks, more than usual! I guess it might have been the collar and the fascinator (which I removed after a while, because the balloon kept bumping on it lol) but really, the way some people actually GAWP at you as they walk by, it just makes you frown; its so rude that it makes you think "Uhh, what!?" I am used to getting looks, but one girl actually had her head turned towards me even as she walked away, (its a shame she didn't walk into a lamp post, because that would have been great XD). One fat little prepubscent boy was pretending to be nice and said I looked cool, and when I said thanks, he said "Yeah you look like MY NAN!" and he and his friend were giggling as if they'd said the funniest thing ever *rolls eyes*. So I just said very brightly and enthusiastically "REALLY!? Your nan wears PVC!? Wow she sounds like a HOOT I'd love to meet her!" (Wow, she probably wears corsets and New Rocks too! :P )

(Seriously, its weird, I actually get more filthy looks for dressing in Victorian style in the UK then I do in the US, I guess the Americans find it charming!)

But that aside (fuck 'em, we all know how long I've been putting up with that stuff for anyway), it was a really nice day, and we just enjoyed ourselves and had a good time. I really felt loads better, thanks to Beaky n_n

Oh this is sad though....I had my balloon with me all day (a few random people called out happy birthday at one point, and the lady who served me in HMV said she wished she could give me birthday discount, but everyone would want it XD), but then literally, I was just on the corner of my street when I felt the ribbon give. I turned around, and the ribbon had simply untied the bottom of the balloon and it was already floating above my head! Seriously, I was 30 seconds from my front door, and it was gone! I was really sad, I felt terrible, because it was such a lovely gesture for Beaky to get it for me, and I lost it 30 seconds from my front door! I just had to watch it float away...being helium they just go up and up and up! ; ___ ; IM SO SORRY BEAKY....:(


I got home, and I changed clothes (I was just so hot from being in my coat and corset for too long) and wore my new lolita skirt instead, and then me and Dad went to Havant to meet up with Zak.

Oh first, mum and dad gave me their present and card. I opened the card and it was one of those very flowery sugary sort of cards your nan picks, with pretty fairies and cherry blosoms on it, and at the top said "Daughter"...above with, someone with my dad's handwriting had scrawled in biro "You are our" XD It was one of those sorts of cards with a little sweet, cliche poem about being happy and stuff, so I flip it open, and dad's written;

"What a load of bollocks. I mean, who writes this shit anyway?
I mean...happy birthday Darling! Mum and Dad xxx"

And on the back, a fake price of £79.99 had been crossed out XD

Oh my XD

My parents got me that bracelet from Angel Clothing I was looking at:
Its a little big, but they only make one size. Fortunately, it seems as though it won't actually fall off my hand while I'm wearing it :) I wore it out n_n

Zak met us at the Robin Hood, and we just had a little chat and a couple of rounds- we weren't going to be out for ages or anything, but it was just nice to have a couple. When I was buying my round, I bought over Zak's bud and my port over first and dad went "Mine's the most important, you should have bought it over first!" (Barmaid was watching it for me). I said "Oh yes, it is the most important dad, but if I have both hands free to carry it, I can insure it won't be spilled, because its so important!" :P Zak's present was the Deluxe edition of Opheliac by Emilie Autumn (which funnily enough, I saw in HMV today, and it just surprised me, its not the sort of thing you expect to see in shops), and I said "Oh Zak, that was so generous of you, to give me your wallet and let me use it to buy this CD!" XD Zak was in a friendly mood (so only some gentle teasing), so it was a pretty nice little get-together. Then we went home and picked up some stuff from the Chinese on the way back. I snuggled up with Tommy in my pyjamas while watching BGT, and when I got bored of that, I started reading Preludes and Nocturnes (and it gave me funny, awesome, sexy dreams XD).

So all in all, nowhere near as bad as I feared! Loads better in fact n_n and then when i came online this morning, quite a few people had left me happy birthday messages- the majority of them were my net friends, but a couple were from people I know in real life as well, but who cares about that, it was just nice to see them :)

I was going to do stuff today <.< but instead I slept in and I've been lounging in my pyjamas reading and listening to my CDs. I'll do more tomorrow, but I haven't had a proper lazy day for a bit, being as I've been getting up to go to Zak's tournaments and work etc. I'm also going to buy myself something on eBay today, as an extra birthday present to myself :3

Hoping Bear will come online soon, wanna chat with him, I feel content and I'd like a lil chat.

Well, thats all for now folks!

Beltane Birthday Bunny

(In Loving Memory of the Balloon)

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