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The Big Update Entry!

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Jul. 16th, 2010 | 11:59 am
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Just haven't had the energy for a post in a while, so here is the big update entry! Now where shall I start?

Bellydance has been going so well. The last 4 lessons have been the best! I was just started to struggle, and then I suddenly got some of it, and we were doing certain things in class that were helping me to improve. One lesson we did arm movements and snake arms- something I had been practising at home with the videos, but was struggling with. But Susan showed us a way of doing it with a lift from the elbow rather than a roll from the shoulder, and now I think it looks much more graceful. The rolls and twists that we do also really help my wrist :) And most of all, my clicky hip is really improving, thanks to all those hip pops and raises! At the last couple of Nightshifts, I've thrown in some bellydance moves in with the "goth moves" (there aren't many, but I do "sweep the floor" and "change the lightbulb" XP) and it felt really good :) Last week, I also finally got my first proper hip scarf with coins on it, so I jingle! I originally wanted a black one, but Susan had run out in black, so I got a lovely purple velvet one too!

Yesterday was our last lesson for this term, and it starts again in September. Everyone in the class is going on to Improvers, and they want me to join, so Susan has suggested that I start the term as a Beginner, and then rejoin the old class as an Improver, as I've only been with the class for a short time. I'm really looking forward to it, but it means I'll have to be very diligent in learning from the videos over the summer!

Becky's birthday was really lovely, and I got out of work earlier so I could attend the picnic near Southsea castle. It was a lovely, hot day, but I din't melt at all, woo! I had trouble making Becky the mixed CD though, it just refused to burn onto disc! :( But the day was fun, and I also got a belated birthday present myself XD Thank you Beaky! We walked to canoe lake, and when the others got their lift, I decided to walk to Gunwharf along the seafront, as it was a lovely evening and I just felt like a stroll. At one point, I got some napkins from a cafe, picked up my skirts, slipped on my flipflops and walked in the surf, which was lovely n_n It was a long, but very lovely walk, and then me and Zak met up and trained home.

Zak's birthday wasn't as eventful, and started off a bit crap as he was moody and refusing money/cards/presents, but later softened and seemed very grateful for the £30 I gave him.

Danny still hasn't come by to get his birthday present :( I feel neglected!

Nightshift in June was a bit naff, but Nightshift last week was really good, although it was preceeded by Kyle being such a fucking douche that I dropped his ass and kicked it to the curb finally! I know its a bit of a minor thing to get angry about, but he basically cancelled on me at the 11th hour, leaving me with no way to get there (as my budget of £30 is eaten up by the taxi fares if I go alone). He gave the excuse that he "couldn't be arsed", which pissed me off. I mean, yes, friends cancel on you sometimes, but you'd think he'd at least come up with a decent reason (even a lie would have been better) and after all that shit I've put up with him. I was annoyed and said "Oh great, thanks 'mate'" and then he told me to grow up. I saw red and lost it, and just told him everything that I've kept bottled up for the last 2 years. He was convinced I was just throwing a wobbler because he wouldn't be my "taxi" and I decided to make it clear to him that wasn't the case. He tried to make out I was being the bad guy, but I think I managed to prove what a cunt he is, and in his shame, he deleted it all from Facebook. I admit, I shouldn't have done it on Facebook, but it wasn't my intention- I just lost it! Becky thinks I should maybe leave a door open for him, and on some level she maybe right, but the truth is, I've seen the malicious side of him now (he's been being nasty to Tasha as well) and I don't really want to be friends with this person anymore. He's absolutely pathetic and I'm much better off without him. I don't even care if he changes his mind abotu Nightshift and comes back to the next one, I'll just ignore him, like he does to me all fucking evening. Telling me to grow up, jeez. Words that spring to mind- pot, kettle, and black.

But last week's one still went ahead- dad gave me a lift there, and the DJ, Pete, said he'd drop me off back to Havant if I gave him some petrol money, so I got to go afterall! I was so pleased! And it ended up being a fantastic night- I spent hours talking to Vivien, who I had missed, and I met her husband too. And I played around and hung out with Billie and Sam for a while too, so it was great fun, and Kyle missed out on all of it :P

Harry's been having a hard time of it recently, and he actually started a fight a few weeks back when he started taking it out on me, and I got very upset. Fortunately, he got a good telling off, and we sorted it out, and hes trying very hard. The stuff he's putting up with is just stupid and I feel bad for him. We're also having to change the wedding plans. The 11 month wait after the wedding is apparently in accurate, and we could be waiting for 2 and half years instead. But of I get the K1 visa, to marry in the US, I could be approved in 9 months. So we're going down that option, and we're also considering eloping, with just our folks and a select few, to Carmel or some other distant spot in the US. So, hard times, but we're bearing up.

A nightmare as usual. Management being petty about stupid shit, Laura taking shit out on me. Getting really sick of it, but job hunting is fruitless. Why aren't there any full-time vacancies ANYWHERE? I was lied to by New Look in Chi this week, they said there was full-time then claimed they could only give 16 hours. I declined an interview- I'm sick of wasting money on going to these things when I know I'll have to decline the position anywah >.< Uggh!

I have some holiday coming up, and I'm looking forward to it, I need a break!

Well, thats the most I can think of for now, this was just supposed to be a quick catch up! Laters!

Rushing Bunny

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