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Jan. 20th, 2011 | 08:59 pm
location: Wishing I was in Mission Bay...
mood: optimistic optimistic
music: Razor Blade Kisses, Nubbin, The Offspring

Just screwing around with some of the options, and I have to say, although I would personally prefer more purple, this cute kitty thing is pretty nice, so I may keep it for a while :P I was kind of bored with the old background, so I'm just messing with things.

Sooo...what to talk about...? Mega catch up time perhaps?

So many things have happened since the last entry, some good, some not-so-good. Christmas itself was lovely, as was the Advent build up. I personally think I was rather generous :3 at least to my family hehe. It was a nice relaxing Christmas, although a bit weird as Zak had to come join us later on. I've been constantly rearing Tamagotchi superstars since I got a Tamagotchi from Beaky (THANKOOO <3), and been obsessed with a steamy supernatural series of books, the Merry Gentry series. I'm now getting around to buying Harry's presents as I'll be going to see him in March. Now that we're on the other side of Christmas it does feel much much closer.

New Years was frankly awful, though not down to anyone's fault. I just happened to have a rotten terrible, double ear infection, and I didn't get any affective pain killers until New Year's Day, so much crying and not sleeping for me ; _ ; I also went slightly deaf at one point, as both ears blocked, which made watching TV impossible, so I almost finished reading all the books I recieved as Christmas presents.

The New Year hasn't been super great so far, but I'm holding out for February 3rd- Chinese New Year. It'll be year of the Rabbit, and we know what that means! Well, I just had a feeling that this year could be a productive year if I put some work into it, and I'm hoping to start seeing some results. I'm writing a lot more for EGL now, and I'm also working on a rather important project right now, to do with anti-bullying.

I'm also expanding my job search, although so far it hasn't worked so well (you know things are bad when you're told not to bother re-applying to Tesco anytime soon due to cut-backs <.< ). But basically, Becky has given me some advice and inspiration and I WILL be leaving Peacocks soon. Not "I hope to leave soon", I WILL. When, well I don't know. That is kind of relying on the job-hunt working out better for me. Things are very tight right now, and not even the supermarkets are hiring. But I WILL leave Peacocks.

I'm pretty much done now. Between Lynn insulting me in front of customers and the just continuation of normal bullshit, I have officially given up trying to be part of the "Peacocks Group", despite Lynn trying to badger us all into being best friends. Its not in my nature to be unsociable, or not a member of the team, but as was discussed with Becky last week, the fact I always want to be friends with everyone has now come to work against me. I don't care for these people anymore, and none of them have ever made me feel like part of the team or made the effort I have made. I've already pep-talked myself and ranted a lot on a forum I now visit, but the best way to sum up how I feel is that, in my mind, I've already left.

I also feel that things with me and Harry can move forward this year, but this means hard work of course, and this means having to have a serious talk with Harry. Not in a bad way, but more in a way "time to pull your socks up" way, because I think Harry lacks proactivity, and unfortunately, things just aren't going to happen for us, we have to MAKE them happen. But I feel good about things. We've even decided on our wedding/honeymoon destination (Mission Bay, San Diego).

I'm really thinking about getting my Black Rabbit tattoo this year (at least this year after February 3rd ;) ). It's something I've wanted to have for years, but keep getting put off. First of all, I worry how it will look if it interferes with other tattoos I get later (but I also know that "other" tattoos simply won't come until this one is done) and I do wonder where exactly I should get it. I've seen pictures of people who've had the same design (haha, turns out I'm not as original as I thought :P) and some of them look good, some not. I saw a large one on someone's waist and it had a charm I suppose, but I want to avoid tummy tattoos. One had two of the same on her shoulders, as if about to jump down her top and I didn't like them. I've actually seen a few on the wrist and arm area...but as much as I can imagine my rabbit peeking out of my inner wrist, I have a bit of an aversion to wrist tattoos...probably because I've seen so many chavs have them on the same place =/ I do think it might be an ok place, being as it could be hidden with a well-placed bracelet if need be...it just bothers me that many a chav might have their visible tattoos looked over because of their otherwise normal appearance, but when it comes to jobs, it may actually cause me more trouble. Hmm. Well the other place is my shoulder, just past my shoulder blade, but I need to be certain. I may ask a few people's opinions first. Harry is no good. He just says "I keep picturing naked bunny" XD

Well, not much to say otherwise. Just hoping that this year will be better than the last one (all up to October anyway :D). Wishing all my freaky darlins a good new year, and...bring on the Year of the Rabbit!

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