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1 May 1987
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Welcome to Ravens, Candlelight and Poison Ivy!

If you're reading this, then you're either a friend of mine, a friend of a friend, or a poor unfortunate soul who stumbled in here when you tripped up on the zombie gopher lying in the way...I ought to get rid of him, but when he moans "brraaaaiiins" at me, I just find it too cute...could melt butter in your mouth, haha. Well, if you're the latter (that is, poor unfortunate soul) then I just have a few things I want to say.

First off....you're hopelessly doomed now....*pause for dramatic affect* Secondly, as the previous paragraph may have hinted, I am random as ninja giraffes having tea in a wicker basket. I'm very random. I'm very silly. I'm also quite harmless, and nice enough a person. Some people don't like the silly and the random. Well tough titties. If you really don't like what I write here, just leave, go read something else. Easy enough huh? I've had the odd person come along and act like a prick, and its really uncalled for. So yes...do feel free to have a nose around, if you like what you see, feel free to say hi, even if you disagree with what I'm writing, don't be afraid to say so- you never know, we could end up being "debate buddies" or something. But don't be a prick. S'not cool.

*looks around*

Okies, since we established that you are not a prick...hi! More about myself...well, I'm a goth living just outside of Portsmouth on the south coast of England. I work just part time in a shop right now, but I'm aiming to become a published writer and artist in the future. I have quite a lot of varied interests, however, that little thing you type all your interests in, just isn't quite big enough. Hopefully, it'll give you, at least, a pretty good clue of what I'm about.

I'm random, weird, but surprisingly enough, not all that funny ; _ ; Well...I have my moments...I know some people who think I'm hilariously funny, but then I come home, tell a joke to my dad and murder it brutally. Oh well, its not like I ever dreamed of being a stand-up comedienne.

I mainly use this LJ as a way of just venting out things that have pissed me off, or just getting things off my chest, although I do quite often like to document positive occasions and occurrences. Much ranting does ensue, but meh, keeps the blood pressure down ;D

I'm engaged to Harry/Hank/Bear (we are Bunny and Bear, imagine what the hellish offspring would be like @_@). Alas, he is an American, so not only does that mean we only see each other maybe twice a year at most, but it also means that he's subject to a lot of red-neck jokes from members of my family. Fortunately, he takes it well...much better than I do, when I get paraded around like a showdog for his family, and then made to say swear words because apparently they sound "funnier" in my accent -_-

I don't drink tea. I have a fondness for Dr Pepper, but I'm on a health kick, so I drink it rarely. Favourite drink of the moment is Fanta Twist

Goodbye, for now, my freaky darlins ;)

Current Favourite book: The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, Emilie Autumn
Current Favourite Manga: Hellsing
Current Favourite Movie: Iron Man 2
Current Favourite Anime: Hellsing Ultimate
Current Favourite Band/Artist: The Birthday Massacre
Current Favourite Song: In The Dark, The Birthday Massacre
Current Favourite Character: Albert Wesker (I'm so dead if Harry finds out haha)